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France | Road to the World Cup 2022

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is about to start, and before that, major media and newspapers have also listed the odds of winning the World Cup. The French team that successfully won the Hercules Cup in the last World Cup is currently in the top 2. You must know that in the last World Cup, the French team eliminated many top teams, passed all the way, eliminated Argentina, Uruguay in South America, Belgium and Croatia in Europe, and successfully won the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The overall strength of the team is very good, because the French team has very good young people, like the "popular fried chicken" Mbappe, who was born in 2018 and successfully led the French team to win the Hercules Cup. Years later, Mbappe has become the leader of the French team, and he will once again lead the French team to the Hercules Cup and defend the World Cup champion. And the current overall strength of this French team is also very good. They are ranked second in the World Cup winning odds list, second only to the five-star Brazil, which is enough to prove the strength of this team.

Although the French team is star-studded and powerful, when the World Cup is approaching, many star players are injured and they will not be able to play in the World Cup. In the team's midfield position, Chelsea midfielder Kante and Juventus midfielder Pogba have been determined to be unable to participate in the Qatar World Cup. You know, these two players are the absolute heroes of France's World Cup victory in 2018. The performance of the two players is very amazing. They are the absolute main midfielders of this team. They play a very important role in the midfield. The role of , and now the two are seriously injured and unable to play the game, which also casts a huge shadow on this team.

Today, the French team with Mbappe as the core is once again stepping on the stage of the Qatar World Cup, wanting to win the Golden Ball, becoming the well-deserved third player after Melo, and wanting to surpass Zidane and become the first player in French football history It depends on whether Mbappe can lead the French team to break the curse of the defending champion and become the first consecutive championship team in 60 years after Brazil's two consecutive championships in 1962.

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